What is Spot UV Printing?

What is Spot UV Printing?

Spot UV refers to the application of this UV Coating to a specific area (or areas) of a printed piece rather than coating the entire surface. If applied directly to the paper, Spot UV offers the best contrast when applied over a darker substrate.

The UV coating process is minimally volatile, meaning little to none of the varnish escapes as a gas into the atmosphere. Basically, this just means the process does not contribute to environmental pollution. UV coating can be applied to achieve either a lightly glossy appearance, or a high-gloss shine, depending on the application technique. Business cards, flyers, and other heavier weight papers or card stocks are best combined with UV coating (as opposed to thin paper).

UV coating can be applied to the whole page, or just to certain areas – a process commonly referred to as “spot” UV coating. In either process, the UV coating has the potential to deepen the color of the print, so when you use it in print projects, it’s a good idea to take this into consideration.

Not enough businesses get creative with their designs, but you can stand out from the crowd when you add strategically placed shiny UV accents to targeted areas of your design. Use spot UV accents to draw attention to your brand’s name, logo, or any other design element you choose.